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58% Organic Cotton / 39% Tencel / 5% Elastane
Designed & Screenprinted in Denmark – Made in Turkey

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58% Organic Cotton / 39% Tencel / 5% Elastane
Designed & Screenprinted in Denmark – Made in Turkey



Our ELSK® FISH graphic t-shirt is inspired by Thy’s local maritime history. The fish pictured on the t-shirt are cods, among the most common fish in the seas surrounding Denmark. Fish have played an important part in the history of Thy. In the past, the cod was for coastal communities a source of both food and income. Without the cod, Thy would not have its many small coastal villages and proud fishing traditions. Going out on the sea to catch the cod was often a challenging and at times deadly task. The coastline along Thy is beautiful but at the same time extremely rough. When the weather gets hard and strong winds blow, the sea is intimidating for even the most hardened sailor. The cod normally lives in deep waters.



It was one of our first motives, launched on men’s tees back in 2013. Back then, a lot of girls asked if we will ever print this one on women’s tees. However, we didn’t have women’s t-shirts til 2015… The grafics are quite simple and I got the idea for it while I was going through some old advertising scrapbook from the begining of the 1900s. There was an old English ad for a store that was selling fish, they used two big fat tuna fish that where crossing each other – somehow two cods was something we could relate to.

(to torske, altså… måske lidt en skjult referance fra underbevistheden til hvor meget styr vi havde på det hele i starten.) 

As a bonus for you ladies, the graphics has a time glas shape, a visual advantage for narrow waist and larger bosom.



–  is a hidden reference, a metaphor. We are simply trying to phrase a similar saying “do not judge a book by its cover” – our “version” of that popular saying is a little bit deeper.  A direct reference may be that some fish live in shallow waters, but the best cod is out in the deep waters. But it’s up to you how you choose to interpret this – fishing in shallow water takes skills as well!


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Organic Cotton (natural fiber)

The reason we use organic cotton instead of conventional cotton is quite simple; It’s better for you and for the planet. Of course, the farming and processing require more knowledge and observation, and is far more expensive and complicated than the production of conventional cotton. However, opposite conventional cotton that uses roughly 7% of the world’s pesticides and 16% of the world’s insecticides, organic cotton uses none!


  • 71% less water is used in the production compared to conventional cotton
  • No toxic chemicals used to grow the cotton
  • The cotton-farmers aren’t exposed to any kind of chemicals
  • It is better for the planet, and for you!


  • The farming and the processing require more knowledge
  • It is more complicated to produce compared to conventional cotton production
  • It is more expensive compared to the conventional production of cotton
  • It still needs a lot of water to grow the cotton


Lyocell is a light and biodegradable material. Its fibers are stronger than other similar fibers, which means you are getting a shirt which lasts longer and looks better for a longer period. Lyocell is also known by the name Tencel and is made from Eucalyptus trees. This is a fast-growing plant, which does not require tons of water or pesticides to grow. After harvesting the Eucalyptus tree, the tree is soaked in a solution called amine oxide, which is non-toxic. The amine oxide extracts the raw cellulose, so it can be made into fibers which can be spun into yarn, and lastly fabrics.


  • Lyocell is very environmentally friendly, because it is produced in a closed loop, so all chemicals used are recycled
  • It is a strong material, quick drying and has a good absorbency
  • The absorbency is 50% better than cotton, and because of the incredibly good absorbency, the material is anti-bacterial
  • The fabric feels very light and soft, and doesn’t absorb sweat odor
  • 100% biodegradable
  • And fun fact – it is made from trees


  • It is an expensive material


…is the fiber that has the highest elasticity. We use this fiber because of its extensibility and flexibility which causes a better fit and movement to our products.


  • Very high elasticity
  • Helps clothes retain shape
  • Generally, improves fit
  • Comfortable fit and to wear


  • The elastic will break over time
  • Will make even the strongest materials weak, because of its stretch ability
  • When this material is washed, it can leak out microplastic in the oceans. To minimize this, place the clothes in filter bags or place laundry balls in the washing machine.





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